Blog is up!

Today marks the day that the blog is live!  This has definitely been on my mind for many months.  Big thanks to John Sonmez and his YouTube channel for inspiring action and driving me to finally do this.

Just a few words about me.  My name is Andrew, and I started coding in C# around 2010 (professionally since 2013).  Learning the language in the context of game development helped me to overcome a lot of the initial fears that come along with learning programming.  I like to think most of us need clear and distinct goals when picking up a technical skill, otherwise we lose interest, or get discouraged (the latter happened to me – I gave up for a year and almost vowed to never code again).

Nowadays, I’m engrossed in all things .Net, and have found a particular love for Web API’s.  Some people imagine the internet as a giant information superhighway – but there’s something magical about imagining a massive network of multiple superhighways, all linked together and transmitting data to each other in a huge spiderweb of HTTP requests and responses – synchronizing stock quotes, placing product orders, registering customers, and stealing people’s passwords from unsecured WiFi’s in coffee shops.

While my development skills reside in backend C# development, I will also be writing my thoughts of two of my most passionate pursuits – S.O.L.I.D. design principles and music!

Yes, music!

The sheer amount of music I consume on a daily basis is staggering.

I hope you’ll enjoy my musings on new artists I discover, horrible code smells I dig up, and my thoughts on Agile – especially since I spent a few years working for Global Quality under a Fortune 500 company (I’m a certified Six Sigma Green Belt – I like to think I know  thing or two about quality software).

Hope to see you soon!




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